Typhoon Maysak Efforts – Chuuk Update

Typhoon Maysak was a super typhoon and hit our Micronesian friends of Yap and Chuuk hard. Back in April the Ayuda Foundation with the support of Bank of Guam received $5,000 for medical mission boxes from our +MAP International partners and we were able to send 18 boxes to  Chuuk and 7 boxes to Yap! Here is the transportation of that mission to Chuuk then their outer islands!
.MaysakChuuk MaysakChuuk2 MaysakChuuk3 MaysakChuuk4

Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone who donated to our cause and efforts these last few weeks. This year it seems like the typhoons are unending.  We were able to get four containers out to Saipan. Thank you to all our partners and again to all who donated their time, needed items, food, water and/or money.  We will continue to serve our region proudly.

Ayuda Foundation