Ayuda Christmas Drop

The Ayuda Foundation has been conducting humanitarian services to this part of the world for over 20+ years and Executive Director Carlotta Leon Guerrero has been part of the annual Christmas Drop in a variety of capacities for her entire career.  In 2015, Ayuda Foundation began with the help of long time partner MAP International contributing medical supplies (over $200,000 worth!) to the Micronesian region. Along with medical supplies, Ayuda and Island Girl Power’s thrift store are contributing requested items from its 2014-15 donations.

Operation Christmas Drop is a tradition that serves as a training mission for the United States Air Force which started in 1952. It has since become the longest running United States Department of Defense mission in full operation, and the longest running humanitarian airlift in the world. Supported by the local communities of Guam and the University of Guam’s Distance Learning program it is primarily conducted from Andersen Air Force Base and Yokota Air Base.

The Denton Amendment is a commodities transportation program that is jointly administered by U.S. Agency for International Development, the Department of State, and the Department of Defense. It allows for the transport of humanitarian goods on a space available basis using U.S. Military transportation. The program was initially created to use the extra space on U.S. cargo aircraft that were flying supplies into Central America. Although the program expanded to include most areas of the world, the likelihood of obtaining transportation decreases as the distance to the country increases. Since Denton is a space available program, it is impossible to predict when transportation will materialize; therefore, no guarantees can be made regarding completion of a shipment.

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