Prutehi i Tåno’ yan i Tåsi


PrutehiBANNER Pruthei i Tåno’ yan i Tåsi is Guam’s Service Learning project directory program that launched August 18th 2015 aimed at increasing our marine science and environmental service learning projects and helping students make their hours.  Funding was provided by National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and implementation made possible by a M.O.U. from the Guam Department of Education.  Our focus is marine science projects and we showcase these type of projects to encourage students on a path in this field.  We showcase local marine scientists so students can inquire with them on their careers! Our website: is open to all projects in all subjects/fields.

Service learning has been around for a long time and many schools in different parts of the nation are doing great things with it! Click here for examples for great service learning projects!

Juanita Blaz and Diane Aoki are the project leads in the program and working with our website IT partner, GuamWebz, to create a simple, yet interactive site to serve as a communication resource for all service learning opportunities.


Please call 473-3003 for more information.

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